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Super cute laundromat! Plus, it's not super busy. I did go on Sunday about noon-ish to help mom with her laundry and we finishing everything under 2 hours!

The owners of the Romie Lane Coin Laundry are very attentive and kind! We actually like coming here which is hard to say about other laundry places. The price for a wash and dry is reasonable and they keep it very clean inside!

I frequent this place as often as I need to wash blankets, comforters, or when the laundry just piles up and gets out of hand for the washers and dryers at home to handle. The owner keeps the place very clean and all the machines are always in working condition. Prices are fair and be it first thing in the morning or last load at night, I always feel safe!

I've been to several laundromats in the peninsula and this is by far the best one. The attendant is always there. He keeps it clean and he's very helpful. This morning I planned on getting my laundry done first thing before the crowds, the business hours are from 8-8 he let me in at 7:45, that's good customer service.

Best laundry mat around Salinas. Family ran, clean atmosphere, and now new equipment. My apartment wasn't too far from the location and I didn't mind waiting for my clothes. Peak hours of course are mid day weekends so be prepared to wait.

My favorite laundromat I come here every week great service love the new manager and I love how they help me when needed. I suggest you come here